I Was a UK Uni Student and Don’t Feel I Owe the Debt. – Sunita

“Dear Jon,

I was at a UK uni undertaking a postgraduate course. I completed the year and found out i passed through the university student access center. I was then never sent a transcript and also never received my certificate. There was a two month lapse between me completing the exams and finding out i passed. During the whole time at the University my study access was never restricted nor i was told that my fees were outstanding. Unfortunatly a few months later i fell ill – i did not chase my certificates nor bothered with the qualification. I almost fell into further debt when i was accepted for further studying but as the First uni had not issues me my certificate i was not able to continue however this second uni help me liable for tution fees for my first semester but then revoked them as i had sent medical evidence of being unwell.

This is now 5 years moving forward and i have received a letter from a debt collection agency under my old name [as my name has changed] but addressing me as ‘mr’ which i am not.

What are my options?

Can they get my house number and call?

When will this debt or can this debt be statutory barred [which makes me think this is the reason it has passed to debt collectors]/

I have returned the letter to sender for now – btu how can they find my new address as i moved very far out and have not even registered on the electorial roll?

I refuse to pay this debt on the principle that i was never given my certificates and the fac tthat under the uni policy if you had not paid half of your tution fees after the first semester your access would be resstricted – they never restricted my access and even let me sit my final exams.



I can understand your thoughts and position on this matter, but it may come down to do you want to be right, or successful?

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In most instances a debt can be statute barred, meaning you no longer owe it, if a creditor has had no contact with you for over six (6) years. The definition of contact is the grey area. If a creditor has attempted to contact you, possibly at a previous address, this could be viewed as contact.

If a collection agency does some research, they may be able to obtain your details such as address, etc, and contact you to collect the debt.

Are you currently living in the UK? If not, what country or area are you living?

Student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, and from what you have stated this loan would not be statute barred as contact has been made or attempted. The fact you have changed your name does not relieve you of the responsibility of the debt.

Can you afford to make payments? Have you been offered any type of settlement for the debt?

How much is the loan(s) in total? Do you have any assets such as property?

While I understand your position on this matter, by trying to be “right” and stand by your feelings on this, won’t change the fact you owe the debt and the collection agency may try their best to collect it. The fact it is a student loan makes it all that more difficult for you. The collection agency may look to collect the debt through legal means and things can get ugly, in addition to hurting your credit. If you are outside the UK, things can be different, but there is the possibility of the debt being sold to a collection firm in another country to be collected there.

Let me know your thoughts.



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