New Rescue One Financial Loan Offer Letter Still Raises Concerns

Rescue One Financial has been sending out what I feel to be a problematic mailer offering consumers loans but consumers report being switched into debt settlement programs with Freedom Debt Relief instead. That has concerned me since it sure seems like a bait and switch effort to tell people they are going to get loans but sell them into debt settlement instead.

I even brought this to the attention of Andrew Houser from Freedom Debt Relief when this first came up and he didn’t appear to have a problem with this bait and switch marketing. Yet he is benefiting from it.

A reader has just submitted the most recent variant on this mailer by Rescue One Financial that is being sent to consumers.

Rescue One Loan Offer

This Rescue One Mailer and the other one I covered have worried me. Rescue One Financial even went so far to most likely hire someone to try to bury a previous story of mine about them in Google. See Is Rescue One Financial Hiring People to Lie to Google?

But let’s look at the current offer letter. Rescue One Financial says they are located in California. They say the person receiving this has been “Pre-Selected” to get a $40,000 loan. The loan can be applied for in minutes and funded in a few days. The interest rate will be low, along with the payments.

The fine print on the back of the offer even says that people who are not approved for the loan will be told about “other programs to help consumers in debt.”

So What the Hell Does Rescue One Do Then?

And despite the front page of this mailer looking like it comes from a lender who can make the claimed loan, the fine print says, “We are not a lender and do not broker loans. We do not make loans of any type or credit decisions.”

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They also say “We are not an agent, representative or broker of any lender.”

California says they are not a licensed lender.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 2.41.26 PM

But they also say, “This offer is for an unsecured Personal Loan referred by Rescue One Financial, Inc. All loans submitted through Rescue One Financial, Inc. are done by a third party.”

So they say they are not involved in loans in any way but then say they are submitting loans. Which is it? Something stinks here.

More Rescue One Financial Craziness

At the top of the fine print Rescue One Financial says people have been pre-selected to get the loan offer but, “None of these sources include data from the recipients credit score or credit report.”

But at the bottom they say, “This “prescrened” offer of credit is based on information in your credit report indicating that you meet certain criteria.”

So it does involve the credit report. Which is it?

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 2.30.48 PM


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5 thoughts on “New Rescue One Financial Loan Offer Letter Still Raises Concerns”

  1. Rscue One financial took advantage of me. they raided my bank account and took all of my money. These people are not trustworthy and they keep stealing from me. they took all of my money and send me letters and they won’t stop and the are thieves.

  2. Rescue one is such white trah i cant wait for you to die of a massive heart attack when you do i hope you feel everything.the world is better off without Rescue One. ive hated you since day one i wish you were dead.

  3. This rescue one financial is really quite disgusting..how do these people sleep at night.. taking advantage of seniors pretending to loan money… company makes money by deception & mailers which are not truthful.. TELL THE TRUTH RESCUE ONE FINANCIAL.. STOP SCAM & USING DECEPTION…

  4. Rescue one financial just sent me one of those letters preselected for a loan.. The agent called me get back few hours later..ooops…sorry but you cannot obtainloan…However we can get you into a debt settlement program…HELLO…DO NOT THINK SO..THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP ON RESCUE ONE FINANCIAL bait and switch tactics.. These guys should not be allowed to do this to consumers..facing tough times..

  5. Rescue One Financial needs to come up with a mailer which is honest & truthful.. Why do they need to hide what they really are which is a debt settlement program for Freedom Debt Relief..Now they are hiring people to quash the truth..How do these people sleep at night.. All we are asking is Rescue One Financial to be honest and truthful when dealing with consumers… Too much to ask these days…Integrity & honesty is obviously a thing of the past.. Bait and Switch & deception for consumers by Rescue One Financial is the best course for a company… I really do hope FTC and attorney general looks carefully at these practices & shuts them down…


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