Freedom Debt Relief to Return $3.5 Million to Consumers in Settlement

New York Attorney General Letitia James today secured a win that will return nearly $3.6 million to thousands of New York consumers who were misled about savings they could achieve through one of the nation’s largest debt settlement companies. A proposed settlement filed in court today with Freedom Debt Relief will require the company to … Read more

WSJ Article Slays Debt Settlement Companies Using Personal Loan Offers to Bait and Switch

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article “That Offer to Make You Debt-Free? It Can Make You Worse Off.” I’ve long been critical that some personal loan offers being mailed to consumers are potentially a bait-and-switch tool to tell people they don’t qualify for a loan and instead are switched to an expensive debt … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief Finally Puts an End to CFPB Lawsuit With a Settlement

In 2017 Freedom Debt Relief and Andrew Houser were sued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It’s over. The CFPB has reached a settlement with Freedom Debt Relief. The mutually agreed settlement states: “The Company Defendant must Clearly and Prominently disclose to consumers before Enrollment: a. that in some instances, the Company Defendant may request … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief – Consumer Complaint – May 9, 2019

Consumer Statement: I joined FDR in 4/2017. I paid thousands to find only a couple of bills were paid. There were hidden fees I never saw. Then I saw they pocketed my money more than than the actual debt itself. Then they wanted to consolidate. Of course they did I paid religiously, I didn’t understand … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief – Consumer Complaint – January 22, 2019

Consumer Statement: I signed on with freedom debt relief in October of 2014. About a year and 8 months and after paying off two creditors completely, I encountered financial trouble and I didn’t have money to pay for drafts (this was during a period where no creditor was actively being paid by debt consolidation company; … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief Facing More Court Actions Since Being Sued by CFPB

It cannot be fun times at Freedom Debt Relief right now given the number of actions that have placed them in the crosshairs. It looks like the bad times are continuing. While I was checking on any updates regarding the suit by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against Freedom Debt Relief (more here and here) … Read more

Freedom Debt Relief Sucks In Bank to FDIC Action and Limits Fees

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) recently took action against Cross River Bank and “its institution-affiliated party, Freedom Financial Asset Management, LLC (FFAM), San Mateo, California, for unfair and deceptive practices.” The FDIC says, “Cross River Bank originates C+ Loans, an unsecured debt consolidation loan product, through FFAM. C+ Loans are offered exclusively to consumers … Read more

Another Attorney Jumps From Freedom Debt Relief, National Litigation Law Group

Backstory – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sued Freedom Debt Relief, click here. Recently I wrote about an interesting twist when the law firm Freedom Debt Relief had been sending clients to had two attorneys file suit against the companies. Well thanks to an eagle eyed reader it appears another attorney is running for … Read more