What Can I Do When a Creditor Seizes My Checking Account? – Delonte

“Dear Steve,

i owed a creditor but fell on financial hard times and could not keep up with the payments. The account eventually went into default. In an attempt to recover the funds, the creditor gained access to my account and froze all activities attached to it.

what can i do when a creditor freezes my account and my paycheck is automatic deposited?



Dear Delonte,

It sounds like you were sued over a delinquent debt, you lost, the creditor got a judgment and then levied your account.

The three most logical options are:

  1. File bankruptcy.
  2. Change banks. (A temporary fix.)
  3. Work out a payment plan with the creditor.

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Steve Rhode
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  1. You can better work of payment plan with creditor because that is only a best option to choose in this condition.


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