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Should I Get a Charge Off Removed From My Credit Report? – Defanso

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

My overall credit goes from fair to good depending on the credit agency, scores 686, 704, 708. For the past 2 years my payment history listed as 99.99% on time. I’ve paid off all of my credit card debt to $0, Only having my student loan & my mortgage outstanding. Only thing I see that is holding my scores down is a charge-off from 2009 of personal loan I let go into default. I want to get it removed, so I can qualify for the best mortgage & auto rates.

What is the best course of action to get a chage off removed from my credit report?

Since my credit is good, should I even bother to try to get it removed?


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Dear Defanso,

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I’m curious how many open accounts you have reporting a current good history of paying on time. If your consolidated credit report does not list the reason your score is low, consider subscribing for a free account with Credit Karma and using their free credit score calculator.

If the charge off is valid and reported correctly it’s not worth removing.

How many unsecured credit cards do you currently have open and what is the amount of time you’ve had those accounts.

Often what I see are people that have insufficient current good credit to pull up the credit score. Secured loans like student loans or mortgages do less good than unsecured major credit card accounts.

If you want to take care of that charge off I would suggest you pay it off so it shows up as satisfied and closed.

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