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Krystal International Vacation Club Turned Out to be a Fraud. – Norma

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I signed a contract with Krystal International Vacation Club that was supposed to be an investment according to them but it turned out to be a fraud.

I gave a down payment of 13,400. I was supposed to give monthly payments of 773.00 x 60mths.

They promised to deposit 21,000 usd / year for the next five years first one in 10/2012 which they never did. Concord Servicing was collecting the monthly payment here in the USA for Krystal . I only made one payment in September and stop the payment after I found out that this contract was a fraud. Krystal had Concord in Phoenix collect the monthly payments for them and after I did not make a few payments the account was send to Blackwell recovery who was a collection office.

I had signed this contract on 7/25/12 . On 9/12/12 I ha signed a contract with professional timeshare services to help me cancel this contract. On sep 25, November and January, 2013 with the help of this company I had send 3 letters to Krystal requesting cancellation of this contract due to misrepresentation but I never got a response from them.

All the letters that I got from concord and one letter that I got from Blackwell recovery I faxed to professional timeshare services because I was instructed to do so. On 4/14/13 this company that was helping me disappeared and I could not get in touch with them. This company was also a scam. I had pay them 2995.00. Their address 2303 north 44th suite14 ; Phoenix Az 85008; 602-826-3894

I have already file a report with bbb, federal trade commission , attorney general and profeco in Mexico for Krystal. I am disputing this account due to misrepresentation . I already send a letter to concord and Blackwell Recovery explaining why I had not responded before to their letters and calls.

My question is how can I find out if Krystal sold this account to concord ? If I am disputing this account can Blackwell Recovery summon me? If Krystal did not sell this account can I sue Krystal in a U. S. court due to misrepresentation or Mexico? I signed this contract in Mexico but the collector is here in USA. Will I ever get out of this contract? If I get out of this contract will

Can I get my money back?


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Dear Norma,

Thank you for your question.

I had to do some research on this. It’s an unusual question with debts from Mexico but you live in the U.S.

There is certainly a lot up in the air with this situation. We don’t even know if the U.S. collection agency is collecting on an enforceable agreement in the U.S.

According to my research the statute of limitations in Mexico for a promissory note is three years, or maybe four. Clearly I was unable to find anything definitive I was comfortable quoting.

But while you said you signed the note in Mexico, you didn’t say of the agreement was between a U.S. company and interpreted by U.S. law or this was a contact in Mexico between you and a Mexican company.

Interestingly enough, it looks like the Concord Servicing to Blackwell Recovery switch was just due to Concord launching Blackwell as a new brand name. – Source

I know you’ve done a lot of writing on this problem so far but if you have not done so already, I would suggest you dispute and verify the debt. Let’s see what they can produce to support what they claim you owe. See How to Dispute and Ask a Debt Collector to Validate a Debt.

If you wanted to pursue Krystal for your money you’d need to contact a lawyers licensed in your state and talk to them about filing suit.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  • Hi Norma – How did this get resolved? I wish I had read this before stupidly falling for this. I paid for three years continuously and then stopped from January of this year after realizing too this was a fraud and scam. Now they have handed this over to their US collection agency Resort Recovery Solutions, LLC, based in San Diego, and are threatening to report this to Transunion.


  • I don’t know if anyone is still monitoring this thread but I have the similar question. I have disputed a collections claim from Resort recovery Solutions trying to enforce a Mexican timeshare contract. Did I waste my time?

      • I disputed it with Transunion. The contract is based on Mexican law and says nothing at all about the United States. The original company is Krystal Cancun in Mexico who fraudulently pressures people into signing these contracts with a guarantee of returned investments. There are tons of people speaking out online who have been victimized by this, but no one ever has a final solution.

        I assume Krystal sold the loan to this American based company, Resort Recovery Solutions, known for its pressure tactics. My biggest concern is that they have filed a collections claim on my Transunion credit report.

        My question is how can a company taint your credit report, claiming you owe them money, when the original company it came from is a fraudulent foreign company? Do the credit agencies not request verification PRIOR to staining someone’s credit?

        Also, will my dispute cause Transunion to demand Resort recovery to validate the debt by asking for the contract/ paperwork?

        And if so, will a Mexican foreign contract be a valid document causing them to leave the discrepancy on my credit report? Is a contract like that even enforceable here in the U.S.?

        I have searched endlessly online and in forums to find the answers to these questions but it all seems like some undiscovered mystery. There is no threads or information out there of anyone who has gone through this similar situation, and how they eventually resolved it.

        I greatly appreciate you quick response. Thank you.

        • There is no verification by any of the credit bureaus. They report data they are given. The reporting company is responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied to the credit bureaus.

          A dispute to TransUnion will do nothing for validating the debt. You would have to request that directly with the creditor.

          To determine if a Mexican contract is valid in the U.S. is a legal question and only a lawyer who is licensed in your state can give you a legal opinion about that.

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  • On 4/30 I send concord and Blackwell copies of the letters that I had send to Krystal disputing this debt due to misrepresentation, a copy of the contract of professional timeshare and a letter explaining why I had not responded to any calls and a letter that Blackwell send me giving me 30days to dispute this debt.

    My question is what is the benefit of me asking blackwell to dispute and verified this debt if I already told them that I was disputing this debt with Krystal. I’m confused , please elaborate .Thank for your help in advance.

    • HI Norma,
      I just got back from cancun and got into this contract as well and now I am really scared because i am reading all this negative things about the contract being a scam. what is the latest update about this? i signed this on 05/03/13. what made you realize it was a scam?

  • I signed this contract in Mexico with Krystal resort. Krystal send me a letter back in August 2012 letting me know that Corcord was engaged in collecting payments for them.
    What is a promissory note?

    What is the purpose or benefit of disputing and verifying a debt?

    Can Blackwell take me to court?

    I requested my credit report and concord had already reported to transunion , can I dispute this?

    • But is the contract a Mexican agreement, interpreted by Mexican law, with a Mexican company or a U.S. contract? The issue that you signed it in Mexico is not the important part.

      • I know that this question is going to sound very stupid but how can I find out if it was a U.S contract. I was assuming that since it was in Mexico in a resort that it was a Mexican agreement interpreted by a Mexican law.

        • I think I found the answer. I found on the contract that the provider states that this company
          Duly organized pursuant to the laws of the inked Mexican states. I hope this us the answer

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