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Is the Legal Advocate Network a Mortgage Modification Scam? – Bobbie

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I was looking into a mortgage modification and my mortgage company said they can’t do one for us.

I received information for a mortgage modification from Legal Advocate Network. I can’t find any info on them and their web site has not address. When I called them all they would tell me is that they are in Orange County, CA. Have you heard anything about this company? Is it a scam?


Dear Bobbie,

Giving you an opinion if the Legal Advocate Network is a scam is a tough one because I don’t know what your definition of a scam is.

What I can tell you is generally the sales pitches by mortgage modification groups is bullshit. What they fail to tell you is the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule prohibits Black Leather Flogging Whip and money on white background. Not iupfront fees. Instead they find a loophole to charge them. They also fail to inform consumers there is no requirement that any lender has to modify any mortgage for any reason.

If you choose to pay someone to do the work you can do yourself, well that’s your choice.

But just today I heard about yet another California attorney that was disbarred for ripping off consumers with mortgage modification promises. This is yet another on the growing list of disbarred attorneys. And today two California foreclosure rescue scammers pled guilty and are facing jail time for ripping off consumers. See Foreclosure Rescue Scammers Plead Guilty to Fraud.

Below you will find a list of mortgage resources you can use to pursue help for free.

And if you do decide to hire some company to help you, for goodness sake, check them out first.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following free guides.

  1. The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line
  2. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off
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  • I believe that we all need to draw our own conclusions on who we deal with in business. I would like to share my experience and let you, the reader decide if this company is right for you and your objectives. On July 22, 2013, I received an envelope via US Mail. There was no return address on the exterior of the envelope. However, they were able to fit in the “respond by 8/9/13 official business penalty of unauthorized use $300” Below that is has written “Package D-42″. Below that it is written in large bold letters ” OPEN IMMEDIATLY”. So I get this envelope with no return address, telling me to open immediately. For laughs, I opened the envelope only to again find no return address or identifier of who is sending this mailer. It did list a phone number of 1-866-460-7373. After some research, I was able to identify this outfit as Legal Solutions Advacate Network. I had this same issue with them last summer when I called them AND sent them a formal notice asking for them to please stobothering me. They decided to ignore my request and act on their own needs. I called them and spoke to “Joe” on 7/22/13. I asked Joe to please remove me from the mailer list and that I had made this clear last year that I was interested in their scam. He rudely said “Have a good day” and hung up. I called back within three minutes and spoke to another male who called himself “Miles”. After another request, he too hung up after refusing to provide both a physical address and why they hang up on their customers. I called back and got “Joe”. He decided to follow the same actions as his co-worker. He hung up and would not answer any questions about why they hide their address from the mailer and why they hide it on their web site. My only assumption could be so they can move their offices frequently as they get caught scamming. There is no other reason a reputable company wouldn’t communicate their physical address when asked or even provide their full name on a solicitation for business. It became clear to me that business practices like this one, would clearly prove they are not reputable nor are they someone anyone can or should trust. I contacted the California Attorney Generals Office and discussed this with them briefly. Their response was direct. It is likely they are operating without a license or they are a scam operation. I am in the process of validating their license to conduct business in the state of California. I have also filed a formal complaint with Calaifornia’s Office of Consumer Affairs in addition to my own state Offices who have oversight of deceptive practices. I invite you to view their website and see for yourselves that their is no physical address. I invite you to call them and ask why they hide behind their identity on their mailers. What are they trying to cover. Draw your own conclusions but mine is that this is a VERY bad company and I am going to do everything in my power to warn people to stay away..this is just the start.

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