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Get a Free Friends and Family Health Kit

Written by Steve Rhode

Okay, I admit this might not be the best freebie in the world but apparently the government wants to spend money sending out publications and information to help people deal with medical issues.

What can I say, besides it’s a freebie and it looks like it’s for the ladies.

The pitch to order these publications says “Now, you can help the people you care about by sharing a free set of health publications filled with tips you can trust.” Yea, once you see the titles below you’ll realize before you start sharing these with friends there had better be a bottle of vodka on the table.

Anywho, if you’d love to get a free gift and receive the publications below, click here.

Publications Included:

Antibiotic Resistance
Clinical Trials
freeThe Flu
Food Safety at Home
Health Scams – Might be worth it to read.
Heart Disease in Women
High Blood Pressure: Medicines to Help You
Medicine and Pregnancy
Menopause & Hormones
Menopause–Medicines to Help You
My Medicines–Personal Record
Registries Help Moms Measure Medication Risks
Sleep Problems
Smoking–Medicines to Help You Quit
Tattoos and Permanent Make-up
Your Glucose Meter

And now you know why that bottle of vodka might not be a bad addition when you pass these out to your family and friends.

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