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Consumer Statement:

THE RESOLUTION LAW GROUP out of Ct promised that by paying $6,000.00 to be added onto their lawsuit as a named plaintiff, this would stop my foreclosure. They sent me this link to show the suit was infact real.

Rafael Quesada never told me that on top of the $6,000.00 I would also be paying $350.00 a month, FOREVER! The case has just been moved into federal court he said and settlement will come fast.

Your house won’t be foreclosed on he promised because they have a special deal with the banks, Chase Bank in particular.

He passed me off to his manager, Shane Hogan, who was speaking so fast I thought he was going to pass out.

They also told me their legal department had to qualify me in order to join. All their e mails and contact numbers were through the Ct area code but I found this office was in SANTA ANA CA.

They also have secret offices in LAS VEGAS and UTAH. I DID THE MATH, 3,000 CLIENTS PAYING $350.00 A MONTH IS OVER $1,000,000.00 A MONTH IN MAINTENANCE FEES! This sounds like the K2 Law Group, Kassas Law group, Mass Litigation Alliance, Mass Joinder, Fieldman Law Center, Mass Joinder Scam, ADR Scam, Trustee Delay Scam, Quick Claim Deed Scam, Santa Ana, California

Consumer Action Taken:

I asked to speak with any of the attorneys, they refused.

Date This Problem Happened: March 15, 2013

State You Live in: New York


Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,426

Company Name: Home Owners Advocacy Group / The Resolution Law Group

Company Address:

Home Owners Advocacy Group
1801 Edinger
Suite 220
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Company Telephone Number: 203-542-7275

Website of Company:

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  • Well sorry to be rude but sometimes we need a good friend to smack us to wake us up… Stupid is as stupid does… actually dumbness is as dumbness does because you obviously do not have enough knowledge to be stupid! Americans with “education” are the “dumbest people I know”! Why? because the public fool system was created for just that purpose… to dumb people down!! And those with college degrees… dumber than dumb and arrogant about it ta boot.

    If you were not “educated” you might have enough “knowledge” to investigate ahead of time. No worries there are plenty of us with knowledge and we still fall for the “lazy mans way out”.
    Science says that we only use ten % of our brains… more like two percent and after three years of living in the DC area I finally figured put they are using ten % of their brain… 5% is lying to the other 5% !! My joke don’t steal it! But why is that important? Because what you have been programed from a very young age is to believe in lying, that lying is acceptable and lying is actually needed. You remember when you learned that Santa Clause does not exist? Well as a child you associate more than “learn” so you now associated the fact that your parents, pastor, weatherman, Aunts Uncles, even grandma and grand pa and the President all lied to you. So now you associate lying with all of them and since they are the most trusted in your world you can only conclude that lying is acceptable. Thus when they are caught lying your conditioning kicks in and you accept it instead of getting indignant and taking action! So you will turn on Fox and watch innocent people in far off lands being murdered for profit and accept that it is ok that the reason for being there is a lie.

    “My people perish for the lack of knowledge” (not education/indoctrination). Why am I telling you this? Because it is the people’s duty to oversee our servants and in order to oversee that they are not conducting criminal enterprises, we need to know the law our selves and know how to hold them accountable! Once you know the law it becomes self evident that a scam of immense proportions is ongoing in every facet of this country and the world. Yes, I get calls from all over the world and it is always the same thing… the Banks are… I don;t know what to do. Look I have yet to find an attorney that is any more intelligent than you. More greedy and motivated by greed to go through the grinding of Law school but no greater intelligence. Thus (though you have been brainwashed to think other wise “only an attorney can do that”, you must have an attorney” etc). Some are motivated by greed and most in this country are motivated by laziness. One can seldom if ever say they do not have the capacity (Creator given ability) to learn and do. You have the capacity (look that word up, get in the habit of looking up words!!! because words in law are “terms” and have a specific definition, usually different than the “colloquial” meaning and that is how they get you to give it to them without your knowledge. It is much like a date rape drug.. you voluntarily gave your body because you were drugged and later when you wake up realize you were actually raped but it will be very difficult to “prove” because you appeared to “voluntarily” “consent” to the act/action). So whatever an attorney can do in law you can do as well and actually more because he is bound by oath to the Communist organization and the criminal cartels and the “Bad Ass Rapists” association as well as their golden idol/god greed, money and power. (congress has determined no less than two times on the record that the National Attorneys Guild is a “Communist organization”. Now how many attorneys are in public offices of trust? Would you not say that we/US have been in-field-traided to the highest bidder?)

    Why and how did this come about? By the people not doing their Duty!!! Read the damn “The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America” and read where it clearly states “…it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Prior to that it is our right and duty to “alter or abolish” such “forms” of Government. Now how can you “alter or abolish” and create new if you don’t have a “clue”??

    If you did even the slightest research or observation you would know that 18 USC 472, clearly states “Whoever, with intent to defraud, passes, utters, publishes, or sells, or
    attempts to pass, utter, publish, or sell, or with like intent brings
    into the United States or keeps in possession or conceals any falsely
    made, forged, counterfeited, or altered obligation or other security of
    the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not
    more than 20 years, or both.” Each and every time an attorney brings forth a “copy” of the note and/or a “copy” of the Deed of Trust and “exchange” it for an order of the Court (Court order) they are guilty of a criminal act! You have a duty to insure they do not get away with it. If they happen to have the original (which they seldom do and I mean both originals because I discovered that the Deed of Trust is used, sold, passed and copies thereof into servicing and pooling agreements) look at the instrument and see if it has been “altered” (“pay to the order of”, unlawfully converts it from a specific performance instrument (contract) into a general deposit instrument (bearer paper)) if it has been “converted or altered in any way then it is Void and they are subject to “…shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not
    more than 20 years, or both.”

    But if you do not know (have knowledge of) then how can you hold them accountable as is your duty? When you do your duty and bring charges (by learning how to, ex rel (look it up!! yes, that means right now create a new good habit of opening up a new tab or window and typing in or cut and paste “ex rel, def” into the search engine and pick a few and …. Read… what a concept….) then do you think they will pursue the criminal act of foreclosing? Don;t think so!! They will want to “Pay you off”, like in the millions… so for all you greedy people out there or people without a carrier or job, here is your own home based business. Do good and get paid well to do so.Then help others to do the same … at no charge!!!! This info is free-ly given and freely you should give!! Make your money off the criminals in suits and not on the backs of the victims!!!

    Now you will have enough knowledge to do your duty, make a lot of money, have a lot of power over criminals, have your own home business (there is over 40 million fraud-closures to go after and innumerable other criminal activity going on at all time for you to make a killing on), and you are providing a much needed service to your country… that is how you can welcome us/me back from putting our lives on the line for you and your protections of freedoms. Oh, and then go after this company for embezzlement, collusion to counterfeiting, etc. etc….Not a Communist attorney nor legal advise, just an experienced somewhat knowledgeable opinion. Blessings=may your desires be fulfilled. Loving man (not subject nor corporation) called Colin Derek

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