Why Did Check ‘n Go Lend Me So Much Money? – Christian

“Dear Steve,

I borrowed $2500 from check n’ go as an unsecured installment loan in Ohio. I have to pay back $370 every two weeks for 6 months. My gross income is $1400.

First question is, how the heck did they loan me that amount based on my meager income? Can I get out of it somehow because they knew i don’t make enough to pay them back?

Second question is can I go with a payday consolidation loan company? please help…my payment is due tomorrow and i am going to close my checking account right after I send you this email. Thanks


Dear Christian,

gearsUltimately we each have to exercise responsibility over what loans we take out. The lenders job is not to be your personal finance angel. It is to try to maximize their profit as much as possible.

You’ve learned a valuable lesson here. Never forget, just because someone will lend to you does not mean you can afford it.

It appears Check ‘n Go is licensed in Ohio.

Your choice at this point is to contact Check ‘n Go and try to work out a suitable repayment arrangement you can meet, default on the loan and face being sued, or file bankruptcy to discharge your legal liability for the loan.

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