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Will I Be Able to Open Another Bank Account Because of My Bankruptcy? – Mary

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I’m in the process of filing BK. I owe another bank money in overdraft fees and my present bank’s credit card is included, so I need to close that account also. I am not able to open an account at a regular bank becuz there part of a pay chex system in which the bank I owe money to has sent notices to other bank about this which disallows me from opening up an account.

If I close my credit union account which I now have due to the fact their credit card is part of the BK, am I able to open up another account at a credit union? or will the credit union banks know I filed BK and not allow me to open an account.


Dear Mary,

Woman in home office with computer and paperwork frowningI’d suggest you go try to open a new account now, before you file. But a bank and a credit union are not your only options. While there have been some customer service complaints, outfits like the American Express/Walmart Bluebird bankruptcy service don’t check your credit. They promote this service as the checking & debit alternative.

As they say, “And it’s super easy to open a Bluebird Account since there are no credit reviews.” – Source

Then there are other services like NetBank that might be of interest as well.

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