How Do I Get Comenity Bank to Fix Their Billing Problem With My Payment?

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Question: Dear Steve, I recently opened a Comenity credit card account, and the account balance was $688.00. I paid $50 on the actual due date, 7/11, and then another payment of $500 on 7/14. I made both payments online. The $50 payment was received. However, the $500 payment showed processing, and then it completely disappeared … Read more

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Q: Does a credit union have to provide a member in writing the amount of interest paid on a loan for tax purposes? A: Depends on what kind of loan it is. Reporting would be voluntary or required by IRS on certain types of loans. Q: How can a financial company put a charge off … Read more

How Can I Get In On the Lawsuit Against HSBC for Forced Placed Insurance? – Deb

Question: Dear Steve, From 2001 to 2008 my husband at the time and I were going through Beneficial Finance for our mortgage on 2nd house. About 2 years ago, I received a notice from an attorney group stating that Beneficial Finance, aka HSBC, aka HSB was being sued for having clients who had loans sign … Read more

If the Creditor Didn’t Apply My Payment Do I Have to Pay for a Stop Payment?

“Dear Steve, I’ve been writing checks for my elderly mother in the nursing home to cover her co-payment for the last 4-5 years. In November I hand delivered a check payment to the home and got a note with the last bill stating that deposit was not shown although I made the payment would I … Read more

Why Am I Not Getting My PayPal Master Card E-Statements From Synchrony Bank?

“Dear Steve, I have signed up for e-statements. The email account to which they were being sent was changed in October since I was not receiving the statement monthly and the “customer service” representative suggested that of course the problem must be with the email service (G-Mail!). I changed the email to my work email, … Read more

I Paid Macy’s But They Sent Me to Collections. – Matilda

“Dear Steve, In March 2013, I purchased $74.98 with a brand new Macy’s Star Rewards card. They sent a statement, I paid the full amount, on time, in their enclosed envelope. They claim they never got the check and pressured me to pay by credit card over the phone. Since they had called me, I … Read more

Will I Be Able to Open Another Bank Account Because of My Bankruptcy? – Mary

“Dear Steve, I’m in the process of filing BK. I owe another bank money in overdraft fees and my present bank’s credit card is included, so I need to close that account also. I am not able to open an account at a regular bank becuz there part of a pay chex system in which … Read more