Morgan Drexen Announces Expansion of Services

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a copy of an email sent out by FM News Weekly that announced the expansion of Morgan Drexen services.

“Official Release: Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems is now fighting online rip-off and scam blogs that are ruining business reputation and potentially costing businesses millions of dollars in revenue. Join the Fight.”

The article on FM Weekly said, “Fight back against unethical and or unfair internet postings and increase your bottom line! Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems is expanding its support services to include public relations, video production, online reputation management and website design. Let this team of award winning staffers clean up and boost your online profile. When you decide to take action against erroneous online information that’s costing your company, potentially, millions of dollars… give Morgan Drexen a call.” – Source

I wonder if Morgan Drexen played a hand in the recent negative SEO attacks against this site? Hum, interesting. Read more here.

But what is interesting is how FM Weekly excerpted a statement about online reputation out of the release they linked to below.

For me, the two messages appear very different.

Morgan Drexen Press Release

June 21, 2013 15:29 | Source: Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems (www.morgandrexen.com) is expanding its role as a leader in the B2B service sector. The Costa Mesa-based company is launching a host of new services aimed at helping medium to large sized companies improve their online presence and their bottom-line performance. The new services, available à la carte or in specially priced packages, include:

Web Services
Mobile App Development for Droid, Windows and Apple
Reputation Management including Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Media Services including Content Development and Crisis Management
Complete HD Video Production
Public Relations
Branding and Corporate Identity
Graphic Design

This new venture will include work by Morgan Drexen’s in-house Media & Public Relations, Visual Design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Departments.

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“Because of Morgan Drexen’s proven success, we can deliver big-agency results efficiently and effectively,” said Morgan Drexen CEO Walter Ledda.

Morgan Drexen’s Director of Strategic Development, Susan Muzila, said, “I think what sets us apart is the all-encompassing design. Most companies won’t provide this variety and caliber of services in one place – typically companies hire separate support groups to design their website or manage their online reputation,” she said.

The company is already in talks with a variety of industries, including those in commercial real estate, B2B servicing, the entertainment industry and others interested in selling their product and becoming more profitable.

“Our mission is to provide large agency results with a small agency focus,” says Steve Schebesch, Visual Design Director at Morgan Drexen. “We will lead with creative concepts, stand-out designs and compelling content that will benefit companies of all sizes,” said the APEX Award Winning designer.

In addition, the company’s Vice President of Media & Public Relations, Karen Carlson, is an Emmy Award winner who has worked in PR in the banking and tourism industries, including creating a TV show to entice visitors to return to New Orleans in the months and years following Hurricane Katrina. She has strong ties to the local media industry, having worked as a news anchor and reporter at a variety of TV stations across the county, most recently as the primary anchor at the ABC station in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“When it comes to crisis management, minutes count. You need someone experienced who understands the news business and the importance of meeting deadlines and creating accurate and timely information,” Carlson said.

“I founded Morgan Drexen with one principle in mind: to make companies more efficient and therefore more profitable,” adds Ledda. “Now we are taking the next logical step. Conquering the new media landscape is a difficult but essential task for any business. We have the team in place to help companies do just that.”

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About Morgan Drexen

Morgan Drexen (www.morgandrexen.com) is a leading provider of software and administrative support services to businesses across the United States. Morgan Drexen’s proprietary MDIS software improves workflow through the use of automated document management. In addition to computer technology, Morgan Drexen provides businesses with marketing, marketing support, call centers, outsourced litigation support, databases, work-product retrieval systems and cloud-computing platforms facilitated by the company’s outsourced support staff.

Karen E. Carlson
Vice President, Media & Public Relations
800.868.1458 x212 – Source


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