I’ve Gotten The Alimony Lowered But Still Neck Deep in Debt From the Divorce. – Steve

“Dear Steve,

I came to Texas for employment after 7 months of unemployment. Leaving my wife behind, she refused to come here. My new job came to an end after 4 months and faced 4 months of unemployment, the job market was in Houston so I stayed and was employed again by GE Energy. Still my bills from 11 months of unemployment where extremely high, backing it work until my wife filed for divorce and was awarded 3k a month in alimony. I since then met a woman who is real, loving but has 5 kids, she works but her income is limited. I have since had my truck repo’d since I could not make the payments. Living off of 1600 a month was not good. I haven’t been able to find a part time job and we are now in jeapordy of losing our house which we rent. How can I get back in control and make sure we have a roof over our heads?

Is there any way to find someone who can help. I have gotten the alimony lowered but still neck deep in debt from the divorce.


Dear Steve,

There is only on real option here, bankruptcy. Sure, I could tell you that if you got a second job and struggled to make some payments that you’d be able to enter a debt management program to start making payments, but I think that would not be realistic.

If you struggle to make four months of payments and then get laid off again, then what, you’re right back where you started. Besides, you’ll have a big bill due from the repo, the old debt you are bringing forward from the divorce is dragging you down, and now you’ve got new obligations.

I think you really need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney, learn what bankruptcy will mean for you, and move forward. Click here to file bankruptcy.

I wish I had some crafty and magical plan for you but really, it looks fairly dire and in need of drastic action to make it different/better.

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