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I Made My Truck Payment But They Repoed My Truck Anyway. – Susan

tow truck

“Dear Steve, I made a truck payment a month late. My truck payment is usually do on the 7th of every month. I made December’s payment on January 10th, called and gave my reference number to the finance company. They said they were going to try there best to fax the cancellation of repo order, but it may be done ... Read More »

    Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation Repossessed My Car. – Tammy

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    “Dear Steve, I got out of the Army in the beginning of March. In May, after I realized I couldn’t keep up with a $600 a month car loan, I contacted Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation and asked if there was a way to get lower payments. I explained my situation to them and also informed them I am living off ... Read More »

      I Made a Partial Car Payment But They Repossessed the Car Anyway. – Denise

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      “Dear Steve, I made a partial car payment and I called the car company and told them the rest of the payment was in the mail and on it’s way a few days later they came and reposed it so they have my money and the car Now they want me to pay for the repo I think they are ... Read More »

        I Am Filing Bankruptcy But My Attorney is Waiting For Stuff From Me. – Brent

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        Brent “Dear Steve, I consulted an attorney 2 months ago about bankruptcy and retained them to proceed with the process. I have only 2 more item to give the attorny before they proceed. I have fallen behind on my car payment and they repoed it yesterday. I am wanting and needing the car back very bad, as I am fixing ... Read More »

          I Purchased a Car With My Ex-Husband That I Can’t Afford Anymore. – Yvonne

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          Yvonne “Dear Steve, I had purchased a vehicle 3 years ago with my now ex-husband at the time he was going to help me with payments which were 265.00 per month and to this day are still the same and I still owe 8400 on a vehicle that is only worth 4000. I can’t make the monthly payments anymore. I ... Read More »

            I’m 3 Months Behind on My Car Payment and 7 Months Pregnant. – Juanita

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            Juanita “Dear Steve, I have a car that is 3 months behind and a credit card because i moved to another state and wasnt able to work because i was 7 months pregnant now i can pay the payment but not enough to get caught up. How can i get caught up without loosing my car and messing up my ... Read More »

              Repossession: Why It Happens, What You Can Do, and Your Rights Before, During and After

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              If you fail to make payments on a car loan, or anticipate a problem paying in the near future, you should be familiar with the process of repossession and what rights you may have. This article will cover your rights before and after repossession, starting with the security agreement you signed when you bought the car and ending with your ... Read More »

                When You Can’t Make Your Vehicle Payments

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                If you find yourself unable to make your vehicle payments, you’ll want to act quickly. In most states, if you miss a payment, whether you have bought or leased the vehicle, the lender has the right to repossess it almost immediately. Here are some strategies to consider when your vehicle payments become too much, including what to do if it ... Read More »

                  My Husband Bought a Truck Two Years Ago. He Can’t Pay For It Anymore. his Father Cosigned. – Brandy

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                  Brandy “Dear Steve, Almost 2 years ago, my husband bought a truck before we were married for a little over $34,000. His monthly notes are roughly $600 due to his bad credit even though his dad was a co-signer. This was okay until a few days ago when he was laid off and now realizes that there are barely any ... Read More »

                    Should I Let the Loan Company Take the Truck? – Cindy

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                    “Dear Steve, The car loan company was going to work with me but faxed by papers on a Saturday (last day of the month) when I was not at work so they say they can’t help me now. My husband is out of work. Should I let them take the truck back? I will then owe the difference because the ... Read More »

                      Repo Men Recovering Cars On The Fly With High Speed Cameras

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                      Some amazing new technology out lets the repo companies snag repos on the fly without having to do it the old fashioned way of hunting the car down. New technology by MVTRAC allows repo vehicles to read license plates of cars parked or passing them. When the system goes “ch-ching” the driver knows they have a car to pick up. ... Read More »

                        Can My Lender Repossess My Car in Another State?

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                        “Dear Steve, Due to some financial challenges, I have been behind my car note for almost 4 months in the State of Tennessee and the Credit Union wants to repossess the car. I told them I’m not in town because right now I’m in another state (Maryland) with the car for a program. They called me and requested to tell ... Read More »

                          Nildo Has Moved Back in With Parents And Wants to Save His Car From Repossession

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                          Nildo “Dear Steve, Because of a job change, that pays only commission I got myself into this mess. Now I have to move back into my parents home and lose my car. It pays good commission but I have had 3 bad month and now I don’t know what to do How do I get out of this mess and ... Read More »

                            I’m a Low Income Single Mother With a Disabled Son and Collectors are Chasing Me. – Milla

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                            Milla “Dear Steve, I had a car that was repossed around 2005. The car was sold but the creditors are coming after me saying I have to pay around 7,00 with interest of $43 monthly. They had the sheriff come to my home with some court papers. I also had to fill out some papers the sheriff sent to my ... Read More »

                              My Credit Union is Suing Me for Repoed Car. – Liz

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                              “Dear Steve, I had a 2006 Honda Accord EX and a signature loan from my credit union. I got laid off and couldn’t make either payment. The CU put both loans together at one point, but I still couldn’t make the payment, so I voluntarily returned the car. They sold the car, and I still owe $22,000, which I cannot ... Read More »

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