How Do I Get Out of Debt Without a Huge Credit Card Payment Every Month? – Allison


“Dear Steve,

I have too many bills and don’t make enough money. I have $12,000 dollars in credit card debt, if eliminated or reduced, I’d be able to afford to live. I am married with two children.

How do I get out of debt without a huge credit card payment every month?


Dear Allison,

Bankruptcy. Click here for bankruptcy information.

So why did I so quickly suggest bankruptcy? Well with $12,000 of credit card debt your monthly payment is probably around $250 per month. If that payment is making it too hard to get by then any sort of debt management or credit counseling approach is not going to give you the breathing room you need.

Eliminate your debt with bankruptcy and then take the best care of your kids that you can.

Give those precious kids a big hug from me.


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