We Have Four Kids, My Wife Works Two Days a Week, And I Don’t Know if I Should Pay the Bills? – Scott


“Dear Steve,

$28,000 in debt on credit cards and medical. Wife works 2 days a week and does not bring in a significant portion of income to help. Have 4 children in house (2 of ours, 3 and 1 years old) and 2 step children (my wife’s)).

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My oldest step-child is pregnant and due in October. My income covers all bills. Groceries and essentials get put on the credit card. Hence, my debt. Went to a credit counselor yesterday and her advise within 5 minutes of meeting with her was to consider bankruptcy. So, I am in the process of finding an attorney.

I have cc bills due next week. Should I pay them or use the money from my paycheck for groceries and diapers for my two young ones. Is it worth it to keep up on my bills. I am not late on anything or delinquent. I just keep getting deeper and deeper.


Dear Scott,

It sounds like your situation is not resolvable with a payment plan if the credit counselor spotted the problem immediately. If you are going bankrupt, no sense sending any more payments on the bills. Plus you’ll also need to save up some money to pay for bankruptcy.

Let the bills go now. It won’t be long before you pay the bankruptcy attorney and the papers are filed. Since you are current, don’t expect any calls from creditors until you become past due. Even then, don’t dodge the calls, just tell them what the plan is and if you have your bankruptcy case number and attorney contact information, give it to them.

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