I’m Inquiring About You. – Ellen

Ellen sent in a question that I thought was worth covering again on this site. Here is what Ellen sent in.

I’m inquiring about YOU. I sent this email a few minutes before but don’t think it went through, so am writing again. I am inquiring about YOU and your site. You say you don’t make $ on others but instead help them with their questions. Don’t you get a kickback from all the recommendations you give people – Debt Consolidation, Bankruptcy, etc? Also the advertising on your site – you have let advertisers that “you supposedly don’t believe in” advertise on your site – why? People need someone to really TRUST – ist that really YOU? Many of us wonder…

Well I have to admit my first inclination was to delete the email because of it’s tone and move on to the next question but after thinking about it for a bit I decided this was a good time to go back and look at the site terms to make sure that I was clear about ads on this site. After reading the site terms again I did modify the terms a bit to provide a more detailed breakdown about the different types of ads and how they appear. You can read the site terms again here.

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

Income from the site would not even reach minimum wage and a part of the site income from advertisements is used to help sponsor people in need through Kiva. You can read more about that here. I am a strong believer and supporter of Kiva.

“People need someone to really TRUST – ist that really YOU?”

I think so. I really make every attempt to provide good feedback and advice based upon the facts given in the question submitted. I never alter or adjust my advice towards a particular solution and if a link appears in my answer it is because it was automatically inserted based on the keywords in the answer.

People can certainly be as cynical and untrusting of others as they want, but I value you as a site reader as much as I would my best friend and provide the same advice and feedback as I would for a friend in need, sitting across the kitchen table from me.

I always strive to tell it like it is and provide a kind, but realistic look at the situation.

So Ellen, thank you for your question and I hope I’ve helped you to realize that I am a person that can be trusted.


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