I Just Needed to Laugh

Living through money troubles and debt is stressful and depressing. I’ll never forget my days in the pits of debt hell.

Ironically I seem to live those emotions every day when i answer your questions. I’m too much of a softy, I still feel the pain and have compassion for all in trouble. But luckily when it gets to be too much I can turn away and go do something that brings me joy and fun, like my photography.

Last weekend I went to the car show and shot some amazingly expensive vehicles. Beautiful they were but more than I’d want to ever spend for some wheels and movement.

In a confession, my favorite car of the show was a used Mercedes. I had a Merceds sedan when I lived in the UK and it is the one thing I miss the most. I loved that car and it got 45 MPG! I’m not really a car geek anymore. I like a reliable car that is comfortable. In Europe the Mercedes was reasonably priced so that’s why I got it. Oh yes, I also wanted a car as big as an American car, I missed home. I latter learned that it was also a challenge to drive. Some roads in the UK I traveled down were so narrow that I had to fold the side mirrors in to either avoid hitting parked cars or vegetation.

These days I don’t have my own car. My wife and I share a minivan but I do ride a Suzuki Burgman 650 motorcycle/scooter for fun when it is warm. It does make me smile.

Mercedes Benz Emblem

Outside the convention center I met Irvin. Irvin was a one legged homeless guy and we had a long chat about life on the street and the problem with getting in to the local homeless shelter with only 150 beds available each night. He told me about the lottery they hold each day and how if his number doesn’t get selected that he finds a car to sleep in. “It’s safer than sleeping in the open”, he said.

Irvin on the Corner

So here I am missing my old Mercedes and then there is Irvin, the one legged homeless guy who is sleeping on the street. Talk about a contrast.

What I saw as a beautiful car, Irvin saw as an opportunity to rest safely.

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Too bad this old classic wasn’t free for him that night.

A Beautiful Ford Grill

So there it is, irony and pain, all in a days life. I guess that’s why when something special comes along that makes me laugh, I really appreciate it. The video below just made me laugh today. It is so innocent and exuberant. I wish there was a way to can those moments and pull them out as needed.

Watch the video and see if it make you smile.

You just got to know that one of those foxes was thinking “WTF!”


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