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I Don’t Have a Job to Pay My Debts. What Should I Do? – Reanna


“Dear Steve,

I don’t have a job and I am currently 1,000 dollars in debt with my bank and credit card. I owe 500 dollars to each.

What should I do?


Dear Reanna,

I’m thinking that getting a job would be the right answer here. If you were making an effort and still not able to repay your debts then maybe I’d suggest a different option. Or if you were disabled and unable to work then that’s a different story.

But is you are simply unemployed then no solution is going to work until you either apply for public benefits, unemployment or find some income.

Even bankruptcy costs money so the irony here is that no income equals no options.

Try my job bank page and see if there is anything there for you.

One thing that you absolutely should not do is make any promise to pay that you can’t actually make. Collectors will then see that as a lie and be harder on you.

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