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Can I Go Bankrupt On Just My Credit Cards? – Mike

“Dear Steve,

Can i go bankrupt on just my credit cards?


Dear Mike,

If you have other creditors like loans, car loans, mortgage, etc. then you need to list all creditors in a bankruptcy. You don’t get to pick and choose who to include and who not to include. Everyone gets an invitation to the bankruptcy party.

If you are asking me this question it sounds like you have a problem or difficult situation with one of your creditors. I would suggest that you click here to contact a local bankruptcy attorney, schedule a free consultation and ask the bankruptcy attorney for some specific advice base don your situation.


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  • Dear Mike i am drowning in debt my work has cut out all overtime ,i have around 35,000 in debt in credit cards which some of it came from a divorce but i have paying for a while what are my options do i stop paying to just make my morgage and my vechile and settle with them later down the road ? please help with some info.

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