Apparently People In Debt Don’t Find Love, Unless You Find Another Debtor

Well apparently CNN is struggling to find some breaking news so a crew was available to do a story on dating and debt. It’s worth a look.

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3 thoughts on “Apparently People In Debt Don’t Find Love, Unless You Find Another Debtor”

  1. how do you tell someone you are in a 2 year relationship with that you have a debt management plan without splitting up over it?

    • It feels secret and shameful because it is a moment in your life that you feel less than proud about. But look at it this way, you did something about it, you accepted responsibility and took action.

      But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a STD and a real partner shouldn’t stop loving you because of it.

      My advice, sit your partner down, tell them you have something personal to share, and share it. I think you’ll find the relief from sharing this secret will be liberating.

      After you do this, come back and let me know how it went. The fear is always much worse than the reality.


  2. I think people dating another person in debt is not good for either of the two. They need to find a more stabilizing force or at least take care of their debt problems before taking care of someone else.


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