Quickies – CCCS Consumer Review, Autos, Cards, Balances, and Debt

When I need a break from answering questions I often take a look for some odd or interesting search terms that people used to find me. Below are some of the latest I saw today that I wanted to provide quick answers to.


Search Terms

  • CCCS consumer review – CCCS stands for Consumer Credit Counseling Service but it has become a generic term to describe many type of credit counseling groups. Searching for a review of an entire class of debt adjusters is not going to give you the results you are looking for. Like any group of entities, there are some good, some bad and some horrible outfits out there. The key point you need to be aware of is the tremendous conflict of interest between the needs of the consumer and the needs of the creditor. CCCS is primarily funded by collecting money from consumers and sending back the money to the creditors. Essentially pay for performance non-profit debt collectors.
  • finance how much of my pay should go towards a car – There is no percentage. It’s a bit like asking how tall someone should be or how long a piece of string is. Your car payment should be factored into all of your other obligations and you should then make sure you can pay those obligations, save some money and have some fun. If you can do that then you are doing okay.
  • www.help with my cards .org – No such site.
  • getting credit card companies to lower balance – Best laugh I’ve had today. Credit card companies and not just going to lower what you owe without you having cash in hand to pay them. A credit card company might accept less than you owe in a debt settlement but the remainder of the debt forgiven will be taxable income to you and reported as a bad debt on your credit report.
  • legally write off debt – Yes you can. It’s called bankruptcy.
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