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Here is a summary of recent postings in the Debt Confessional from all over the world. You can see more here.

  • “I am a 52`year`old women, with debt that I feel like I cannot control anymore. My husband does not know all of my debt. He just hands me the paycheck and I pay the bills. My main bills ( mortage never 30 days late, electric phone fuel are always paided if I get shut of notice or before that). Its the other debt. Unsecured loan 11,ooo.oo through popular loan company. Credit cards 10, medical bills no medical insurance, and now I have come viticm to payday loans. I feel so traped and fell like there is no way out I dont know what to do. I wish I could start all over again. I am so ashamed of myself. No excuses just pure remorse. I did tell my husband about big loan and most of credit cards a few months ago and he really has done nothing to help with a solution. I am afraid to bring anything else up about anything. Just on merrygoround and cant get off. I am working but not making enough money to really help because now I have the stupid payday loans.”
  • “I wake up in the middle of the night with an anxiety attack and the most sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I try to focus on my breathing as I know that I will not be able to think clearly if I am frozen with fear: money is quickly running out and unless we are able to renegotiate the terms of our current mortgage, there is a strong possibility that we will lose our house. Our current salaries are not sufficient to keep up with all of our financial obligations. Fortunately, our credit history is excellent, but who knows how long that will last. One would think that the easiest solution is to get a better paying job, but with so many people unemployed, how can we compete when age is against us?”
  • “I am in a lot of debt . I feel like I am drowning in it. I have a constant fear. It is huge, about 35 thousand euros. I have told a lot of people a lot of lies in order to keep my debt under wraps and have to live with this on a daily basis. I am now ready to look for help.”
  • “I am self employed and in a lot of debt at the moment. Between loans and bills I’m about 40,000 Euro in debt. My bank is refusing to pay anymore direct debits. I have got a letter today from one loan company. They are going to try and take the direct debit again in 3 days. I wont have the money by then and I am expecting more letters next week. My anxiety is out of control. I don’t know what to do. I’m not getting any work. I just feel like crying, but that is not going to help. I need help.”
  • “Hi. My husband and myself are currently in personal debt of £131,000. This does not include our mortgage or our business debts which are now causing our business to go bankrupt. This was due to bad management on our part. The sense of failure and shame we both feel around this is enormous, but at the same`time`we are determined to deal with it. We are making a one`month`plan, which includes setting up a debt repayment plan, a two`month`plan to increase our income, a six`month`plan to increase our income further, and a 5`year`plan in which we WILL be debt free and are determined to remain that way. We do not socialise, drink or gamble and our debts were accrued through bad decisions made on our part, trusting people we shouldn’t have, and basically our own naievety and stupidity. My biggest concern is how this will affect our children, but hopefully they will learn to be more intelligent about how to deal with money than we were. We will stay strong through this.”
  • “I hadnt used credit for years, then in october i was made redundant and suffered a break down after my best friend dieing in a car crash the same week and my fiancee dumping me…i just couldnt face getting back into work,` 10 months later ive gambled over £20,000 and have regulary thought about suicide…..ive ruined my life forever….every week the letters would come through…..borrow another 3,000pounds… have some more…..surely someone at the card companies could have seen how much i was berttring compared”
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