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When I need a break from answering questions I often take a look for some odd or interesting search terms that people used to find me. Below are some of the latest I saw today that I wanted to provide quick answers to.


Search Terms

  • free debt advice – You came to the right place. Ask me your question and I’ll help you for free.
  • i am bankrupt in u s a – You and millions of others.
  • how to find out what debt you owe – Easy. Get a copy of your consolidated credit report and it will show you all the debts listed about you.
  • i can’t make my car payments.what can i do? – Make preparations for alternative transportation. You will lose the car soon. The repo man will pay your car a visit. Otherwise, go bankrupt and clear your other debts so you can keep your car.
  • i’m in foreclosure help??? can i get out? – If you are already in foreclosure the chances of you escaping are slim unless you can find a financing angel to bring your loan current. The foreclosure probably represents the fact that your house is no longer affordable for you. It’s a sign.
  • how likely is it to be sued for unpaid credit cards – Depends on the creditor.
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