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Capital One is Calling Me Every Day Even Though I Am Disabled. – Debra


“Dear Steve,

I haven’t wored in about 5 years due to a car accident, I’m not getting SS disability because they don’t believe I’m injured enough, I’m living with a relative, I have no assets or even a bank account. I am being sued by Capital One for a long ago credit card bill. I have already responded and filled out 2 interrogatories stating my situation, but I am still getting daily calls from the ‘attorney’s’ office.

Is there any way to stop this or will it go on forever?


Dear Debra,

In my experience, just because you were turned down for disability, does not mean you are not eligible for it. You might need to get an attorney that is experienced in these issues to fight for it for you.

The only way to close the door on this debt is going to be through bankruptcy. You have no other legal tool or right to prevent the current and future pursuit of this debt by one party or another. Sending a cease and desist letter might slow down the communications from outside collectors but it does not change the underlying situation.

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