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“Dear Steve,

I have a collection agency trying to sue me for a debt that I accrued over 4 years ago. I would like to know if I still have to pay them even though they have not sent me any paper work showing validation of the debt, statute of limitations and if they are the original credit, which I do not think they are the original creditor.

The debt is under 2000 dollars. I requested the validation with the 30 day limit and sent them another request within a 60 day limit. Should I go to court and state my case or should I still try to call them and settle without the validation?

Should I try to settle before going to court?


Dear Celeste

The statute of limitations varies by contract and by state. You can see a a listing of information for each state here. What You Need to Know About the Statue of Limitations and Time-Barred Debts.

An interesting point about time barred or debts outside of the statute of limitations is that while you can no longer be sued for the debt, you can still be pursued by collections.

When you ask about court, I suspect that is because they are threatening to sue you. If they do, by all means, go to court and state your case. But if you think the debt is legit and you can afford to settle it, then consider just settling it to be done with it once and for all. Just remember to get the settlement deal in writing before you pay, send your payment by traceable means, and keep all that documentation with your other important papers. Years from now that debt could resurface and a new collector claim that it was not paid.

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