Community College is Garnishing Money for Classes Never Attended. – Serenity


“Dear Steve,

I lived in Arizona and was relocating to OK last spring. I had job interviews,my living situation and my whole move worked out. Then I got into an awful car wreck that totaled my car and by the grace of the gods I walked away,unbelievably so. The wreck happened the same week I was to move. I had to stop everything, I cancelled interviews,lost deposits, had to use every penny to hold on until I could recoop and get out to OK.

I cancelled my classes at the community college via the web and attempted by the phone. They are saying I never cancelled and that I owe a whopping sum of 2400 for three classes I never made it to and cancelled. The school thus far has told me too bad you owe. They’ve denied my claim letters,attorneys say I can only fix this by them suing me. Now they are garnishing my tax returns. I want to get this off my back but I refuse to pay this blood sucker a dime. I need help.

How can I get the college to drop this debt, I never attended a class, I cancelled online. They are now garnishing my tax returns.


Dear Serenity,

First off, I’m so glad that you walked away from the wreck. Whew, that was lucky.

This is not the first time I’ve seen this same situation. The college can see that you never attended class but they will claim that since you did not properly notify them that you had dropped the class that they lost out on reselling that seat and thus lost that income.

I think you’ve got an argument but it sure would be a lot better if you had an email or something to show you did cancel the class online. Otherwise it is going to be your word against the collectors.

I think you should go see a local attorney to represent you. A couple of letters from them might just do the trick and eliminate this claim. Obviously you can show proof of the reason why you could not attend.

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