I Don’t Want to Leave Money Problems For My Family When I Die. – Chauncey


“Dear Steve,

I have outstanding debts like most people and I want to get them away for my family. I don’t want to leave money problems for my family if I was to ever die.

I have an apartment complex that is trying to sue me because I left. I did give a verbal 30 days notice and I have pctures of mold and other unhealthy problems that were brought by the complex. What do I do? I don’t have enough money for a lawyer, but I knwo that this isn’t right what they are doing. With this on my credit I am not able to get a house. Please help me


Dear Chauncey,

If you don’t have enough money for a lawyer maybe you qualify for help from Legal Aid? To find your local Legal Aid office, look in the white pages of your telephone directory or do a Google search for “Legal Aid” and your state name.

If the apartment issue was widespread, you might want to contact the local health department and see if they know about the problem. That won’t necessarily help you with the full issue but it can provide supporting documentation of the reason you left.

Hopefully you have photos of the mold and condition of the apartment before you left. I’m afraid this is going to come down to a you said, they said issue. Without any documentation showing that you properly gave notice then they will deny you did.

If the issue at hand is 30 days worth of rent, then it might just be less expensive to pay them for that month and let you out of the lease. Otherwise, if you are not eligible for Legal Aid, it will probably take a lawyer licensed in your state to raise a fuss and help you to get out of that unhealthy apartment.


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