We are Living Paycheck to Paycheck and Being Sued for Thousands Plus Legal Fees. – Vanessa

“Dear Steve,

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Several years before I met my husband he took out a loan to get a car. At the time he was in the Navy and was stationed in San Diego, CA.His family lived in MI, where we now live, and while visiting them he was in a car accident which totaled the car. The car insurance company that he used paid the loan company, but they paid them what the car was worth in MI. The car was worth more in CA so he owed them what the remainder of the loan. He has recently been served with papers stating that he is being sued for what he owes plus their legal fees.

The problem is that if we had the money we would have given it to them already, but we are barely making ends meet as it is and while we keep hoping for the best things seem to only get worse. Since he got out of the military he has been going to school with his G.I. Bill money and, until recently, working at factories (Navy gunners mate doesn’t translate well in the civilian world).

Lately, the MI job market has gotten so bad that it’s become impossible to find any work. We are already on food stamps and he is forced to donate plasma twice a week just to keep us afloat(we are literally forced to spend every dime). We do the best that we can to make sure that our children are safe, happy, and healthy and to do that we deny ourselves even what many refer to as necessities (food, clothing, etc..).

I know that we don’t have long to figure out what to do, but we don’t even know where to start. The only thing that came to mind is filing for bankruptcy, but we were told that, since we are being sued, we will have to pay a lawyer to file for us and for them to prove to a judge that we are broke. To be honest, I spend most nights in tears and I am terrified because I have no idea where this money is going to come from if we lose (or even for a lawyer) and no idea how to defend my family. Thank you so much for your time even if you are unable to help us.

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