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Harry Smith / Facebook / Security Air Express – Consumer Complaint – August 14, 2013

Consumer Statement:

This a guy that romance me for months on FACEBOOK his name is Harry Smith from united kingdom he said that he work for mediterranean shipping co. there.

First he told me that he was 45 years old than later he said that he was 55 yrs.He claim that sailing for the co. And pirates was attack the ship need to send me his money to me so the pirates will not take his money he told me that is was 4hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

He will send it thru-security air express malaysia near the Indian ocean. I just need to pay for the shipping cost from their country $1,550 to send to me,I never done this I will not get money to any body,I do not have that kind of money.

He had my phone number and e-mail and home address. which I got a new phone munber and change my e-mail but he has my home address. This needed to be reported. He needed to be off FACEBOOK so other women with not fall for any of his scam.I will send you a pic of him and the papers he send me.Please stop him some how. I’M afraid of him.I do not want him to know I told on him. Thank you.

Consumer Action Taken:

Please stop him using FACEBOOK for Romance women.Someone need to stop him.These are the phone # he gave me 011 44775975727594, 011 447031836617.

Date This Problem Happened: August 12, 2013

State You Live in: Kentucky

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,550

Company Name: Harry Smith

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 011 44775975727594, 011 447031836617

Website of Company:

Alleged Facebook Scammer Harry Smith

Alleged Facebook Scammer Harry Smith

security air express airway bill

Security Air Express Airway Bill
Account Number: 7261179857200
Telephone: 447031821754

Security Air Express Limited

Deposit: CLSO/COD/XX-206
Transaction Code: ALSF/OPV-004ZID03

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About Consumer

This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by or Steve Rhode.
  • tammi

    I had a scammer named Franklin Marshall try this with me and got mad at me because I would pay the sender fee. They are a scammer and won’t do anything to you. They won’t leave their own country. Everything they say is to try to get our money. It didn’t fall it.

  • Claire

    This isn’t a picture of the scammer. That is a picture of Kevin Rockwood a professional model. You most likely want to remove that image of him that states the person in the picture is a scammer.

    • Steve Rhode

      It’s the picture the alleged scammers are sending out.

  • Lynece

    Really? Are people really this naive?

  • Steve Rhode

    I’m sorry to say there is probably a zero percent chance of you ever recovering any money from this scam. It’s not the first time people have been hit with it.

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