I Left Qatar Owing Money. Will I Be Arrested in India?

“Dear Steve,

I left qatar with unpaid loan 135000QAR(no credit cards). Due some personal issues i have faced during my vacation in india i couldnt report to the duty on time, so the company terminated my agreement. And last one year i am in (jobless )trying for competitive exams . i have signed blank checques of dohabank during the loan process. The loan which i took against my monthly salary.

Will i be arrested in india and taken bak to qatar jail or indian jail?”

There are so many workers who call India home but work in the Qatar and UAE area that your situation is faced by many.

While it is possible you may be contacted home in India by a debt collector I have not heard of any cases where someone was sued or arrested in India over a debt from Qatar, as you described.

There also seems little for you to worry about regarding an arrest and return to Qatar. Even Interpol dropped posting these kinds of cases. There are just too many of them.

It seems the bigger worry for you would be in the creditor in Qatar filed criminal charges and has a request out for your arrest there. In that case any travel to a member of the GCC countries could result in your arrest. The GCC member countries are: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

And while that is a possibility of you enter one of those countries, others have reported having no problem changing flights while passing through those countries.

Ultimately the best solution is to negotiate some resolution with the creditor or consult with an attorney in Qatar to see if either of the Qatari bankruptcy provisions would provide you with any personal protection in your specific situation. That however is doubtful since it does not appear you are making any income to pursue that option.

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