Rescue One Financial Still Sending Mailers for Loans

A reader just sent in the following mailer they recently received from Rescue One Financial. I’ve been critical in the past of the apparent lack of a lenders license by Rescue One Financial even though they were seemed to be selling the offer of a loan.

The allegation before was these mailers were funneling people into debt settlement programs instead of giving loans. In fact Rescue One Financial doesn’t make loans and says in the fine print, “We are not an agent, representative or broker of any lender and do not endorse or charge you for any loan or related product.” Yet the front of the mailer says Rescue One Financial offers “personal loans.” Confused? I know I am.

The chart on the right side shows an amount that is paid off in 36 payments and that sure seems to appear to be a debt settlement pitch since the mailer is about lowering payments.


Rescue One Financial has been sending out personal loan mailers for some time now and it doesn’t appear any regulator gives a damn about it even though the opinion of some is the mailer is misleading.

Buyer beware.

Front of alleged mailer sent in by reader.
Front of alleged mailer sent in by reader.
Back of alleged Rescue One Financial mailer sent in by reader.
Back of alleged Rescue One Financial mailer sent in by reader.


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3 thoughts on “Rescue One Financial Still Sending Mailers for Loans”

  1. I do not trust these people they are known thieves and crooks. they only want to steal money and then use it for their own. they do not care about normal people they are thieves and crooks and i won’t even pray for them.

  2. I have had dealings with Rescue One Financial. When I was a kid, their CEO (he knows who he is), molested me repeatedly. With hands, mouth, and different tools. he once put the barrel of a gun in me. Don’t trust Rescue One Financial!


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