Mizner Grande Law Firm – Consumer Complaint – April 3, 2014

We received an email from a Jonathan Sabia who says he is with MLB Interactive Marketing which is doing business as Mizner Grande. Mr. Sabia denies the truthfulness of the complaint below and we’ve asked him to contribute a specific response to address whatever issues the consumer had. We’ve offered him to contribute a statement to post on the complaint and urged him to post any statement he wants to make in response in the comments below. – April 4, 2014

Statement from Jon Sabia: “I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. The so called “complaint or complaints” you have published on your web site, are not real consumers or real complaints. As I mentioned in my previous email there are no actual complaints against my company or the law firms I work with. I don’t understand why you wish to post false complaints about my company. I have asked you to verify any of these complaints and you haven’t, I will pursue every legal means necessary to rectify these fraudulent complaints you are hosting.

Also in one of your complaints this Joe hill that was mentioned, does not work for me or any of the law firms I work with. Again this is just more lies made up by the true scammers out there.

So my goal isn’t to comment and be a part of your blog, my goal is to have these false complaints removed/deleted completely from your site, I’m willing to utilize every legal means necessary in order to rectify this.” – April 7, 2014

Response: I have emailed the person who submitted the complaint and asked for additional information. The email did not bounce.

While Sabia states there are no actual complaints about Mizner Grande there is one on the FCC website that mentions Sabia, Hill and Mizner Grande. It is unclear what action was taken or he took about that complaint. Sabia did not list the law firms he works with. The BBB has no listing and thus no complaints for Mizner Grande.

To make this even more confusing, while a Jon Sabia says his company MLB Marketing Interactive is doing business as Mizner Grande, the State of Florida says the company “The Mizner Grande Law Firm” is a fictitious name that is actually for “The Law Office of Howard Feinmel.” It has been since 3-14-2013. – Source

The consumer complaint was for was for miznergrandelaw.com which says the company is “Mizner Grande a Law Firm.” In that case would that not be Sabia’s company?

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.24.52 PM

There is a listing for “Mizner Grande” with the State of Florida but it does not appear to be a law firm. It is registered as a fictitious name to a non-lawyer, MLB Marketing Interactive on 3-29-2013. – Source

That registration was signed by a “John Sabia” and emails I have received come from a Jonathan Sabia. It is also unclear who all of the entities are behind MLB Marketing Interactive, LLC since it lists MLB Marketing Partners as the authorized manager but provides no listing for who is actually behind MLB Marketing Partners. There is no company in Florida or fictitious name listed for MLB Marketing Partners. – April 7, 2014

Consumer Statement:

I hope you can help me I have a crazy situation. A while back I contacted by an Attorney named Joe Hill who spoke to me about my mortgage & told me I had a great case and that his law firm could win my case and my home.

Then a few weeks ago I receive a call from “Joe Hill” the exact same guy with the exact voice and same speaking habbits, this guy is unique and odd to where you cant help but remember him. But whats so weird is he starts telling me that I need to stop using my Law Firm which is MIzner Grande Law Firm in Boca Raton. I thought he was calling to give me an update but he started rambling on about how Mizner Grande Law was actually a scam and how my Attorney of record has a bad history of arrest and how the owners of the Law Firm are tied to a big government investigation for stealing peoples homes and if I stayed with Mizner Grande they would steal my home also. So he told me that when he found out about their scam that he partnered up with this new attorney who has never lost a case (which is what he told me about Howard Feinmel when he started me with Mizner Grande Law).

I told him I needed to investigate this and to call me back next week bevause I was flustered and that is when things got really interesting and scarier for me. The next week I received another call from this attorney “Joe Hill” once again the exact same person, the exact same voice, same mannerism, same tone, but this time he starts telling me that I need to leave that other Law Firm and come back to Mizner Grande because the other place was a bunch of criminals who were taking their business and my case is almost finished and they have won already I just need to make a payment again to get caught up. I could spend hours telling all the reasons that this call was crazy but mainly for a few reasons. 1: I wasn’t with the other company he told me about and didn’t even know who they were other than him trying to put me with that other attorney the previous week. 2: I didn’t owe Mizner Grande any money they take money out of my bank every single mont h and have taken over $8000 from me so far. 3. How was case almost won but stopped bc of missed payments when Ive always paid.

I tried to explain this to him but it barely seemed like he heard me and he told me to stop talking to other attorneys or I will lose my house and how I was going to ruin everything that they did so far.

Consumer Action Taken:

Since then I did a lot of research on the internet and I see Mizner Grande Law has multiple complaints on this site so I wanted to see how you could help me. I also found a lot more bad things about them on the internet. It says that my attorney Howard Feinmel does have legal problems and has been arrested many times. It says the company was once called Fidelity Land Trust and that the government shut them down for stealing houses. It had a lot of things on John Sabia who is another attorney that I have spoken to for updates a few times it says john was disbarred and is a criminal that is the partner of another known criminal.

I tried to call John Sabia many times after this happened and I saw all these bad things and the phone was disconnected each time I called. I tried calling Crystal the paralegal and the phone was also disconnected. Then I did a call from Crystal and from how she spoke to me she knew nothing at all about the whirlwind my life had turned into because of this and so I asked her how things were going with my lawsuit and were things almost settled and she said they they submitted for a loan modification and they are waiting for a response before moving forward with any Legal proceeding.

Why have I spent over $8000 while they are doing a loan modification? Can you please tell me what I should do? Who is Mizner Grande Law? Who is Howard Feinmel and can I trust him? WHo is this Edward Cherry criminal and does he really own Mizner Grande Law? Who is John Sabia? Who is Joe Hill?

I also saw things on the internet linked to the number I have for the attorney Joe Hill which say his real name is Joe Hilton and that he is a know criminal? Is this true? the number always calls from is 561-306-5445.

Who can I file a complaint too? Can anyone tell me more about these people? Will I lose my home too? How do I ask for a refund?

Date This Problem Happened: August 1, 2013

State You Live in:

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $8,000

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Company Name: Mizner Grande

Company Address:

902 Clint Moore Rd
Suite 128
Boca Raton, FL 33437

Company Telephone Number: 561-910-5926

Website of Company: miznergrandelaw.com

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