I’m Scared to Travel from Dubai to India Because of My Debt

“Dear Jon,

i take personal loan and 3 credit card from dubai ,after that i left dubai due to some family problem,,and join other company in saudi arabi,,,,,,i was doing payment continuously but only 3,4 month is gaping,,now collection department threatening me that they will give my name in immigration and police can catch me,,,and give the name in interlope,,,,and also some person calling from india and give threatening to me if i will not pay then they will catch me on delhi airport,,i do not have money to full settled please give reply and tell me what i do?

can i travel from saudi arabia to india?



I understand it is a stressful time, and owing the accounts is a worry.

Do you know if any warrants were issued for you in Dubai? You need to inquire about this as a start.

Do you have any money to try and settle the accounts? This may help, however unfortunately may banks in Dubai don’t settle debts.

If a warrant has been issued, I would advise not going back to Dubai. Also, you mention you now live in Saudi Arabia?? If you are residing there, as a part of the GCC, it could be a problem for you.

Are you a UAE citizen? If so, there is a national debt settlement fund available to help people. You would need to inquire with the banks about this.

Interpol does not get involved in these matters, so no worries there.

Let me know and we can discuss this in more detail.



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