Will I be Arrested for Overpayment of UK Tax Credits at the Border?

“Dear Jon,

I left the UK in June 2011 to live in the USA. I was in receipt of Tax Credits the previous tax year. They continued to pay me until July even tough I wrote to them telling them I was moving.

I think I now have an overpayment. I am returning to England this year for a short holiday. Will I get arrested at the airport for the overpayment?



You will not be arrested at the airport for over payment of tax credits, so no worries there. Overpayment of tax credits or any benefit does not in itself cause one to be arrested.

Do you have any plans on moving back to the UK?

If you do and there was an overpayment, then you may want to inquire as to if there was an overpayment and how much as it could affect you receiving any tax credits in the future.

If you have no plans on returning to the UK to live, then it should not be an issue.



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