Can My Creditor in the UAE Pursue Me for a CCJ in the UK?

“Dear Jon,

I Left Dubai in 2009 after 18 months there. I left a unpaid loan and am now being persuade for it in the UK. I am in the process of going to county court as they try to get a CCJ against me even though I have offered them a settlement of almost all the debt.

There case is based upon a non jurisdiction clause in the contract and using a Treaty between the UK and UAE on judicial assistance 2006.

I am unaware of any judgments against me in Dubai

What is this treaty and can they use it to :-

a) use UAE law in a UK court?
b) bring legal action against me in a UK court for a agreement sign in the UAE under UAE law?



I understand your concerns and issues here, however what you are asking are questions that should be directed at a solicitor or someone who understands the law. I cannot provide legal advice.

If the loan has been sold on to a collection firm in the UK, they can collect that debt in accord with the laws in the UK. Have you been sent a statutory demand notice? Has a court date been set for the CCJ?

How much is the loan balance and what type of settlement were you offering?

Do you have any other debts in the UK?

It may be possible at the time in court to have a judge agree your settlement offer is the best the creditor will get, based on your circumstances. If a CCJ is issued you still can attempt to have it set aside, again depending on your circumstance.

Let me know and we can look more at this.



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3 thoughts on “Can My Creditor in the UAE Pursue Me for a CCJ in the UK?”

  1. Gosh, it’s frightening how many people are forced into the same situation. The laws are antiquated and I loathe being yet another expat statistic but you’re simply backed into a corner. Good luck Justin and thank you Robi, we’ll keep sharing as we go!

    • Thanks. I am waiting for my original documents before I do anything. I don’t like CWD attitude quoting me cocky “we are securing 10 a month” yes you know why because nobody can defend themselves as nobody knows the law and some judge in Northampton will not understand. I tell you CWD are onto a winner and I will fight this. The issue is not my debt it’s the way this ie being done by them.


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