What Action Can be Taken Against me in the UK for My Dubai Debts? – Rehan

“Dear Jon,

Was working in Dubai for 4 years. Left the country with Credit Card debt of up to 90,000DHS.

Now back in UK.

Can you please inform me what kind of action can be taken against me for leaving credit card debt in the UAE. I left the UAE almost 3 years ago and have just recently received a email from the bank stating they will take legal action.

Various people are informing me of the following:
1. They could arrange extradition.
2. Ban you from travelling in the middle east.
3. Contact your bank in the UK to stop your UK account.

What is the real action they can take.




I received your request for some answers regarding your debt(s) in Dubai, and I’ll do my best to address them.

Regarding what kind of action the banks may take, they will try to collect what is owed to them, however as you are in the UK, you are pretty much outside their reach. This doesn’t mean they may not contact you, make threats, and even have a warrant issued for your arrest, in Dubai. You will not have any issues like this in the UK, unless the debt is sold onto a UK collection agency. Then it would be collected in accord with the laws here in the UK. Which are much more consumer friendly than in Dubai.

To answer your other questions:

1) The banks in Dubal cannot have you extradited.

2) If a warrant has been issued in Dubai, then travelling back there or to any GCC countries to visit or stay is not advised.

3) They have no authority or control over your bank account or any banking you do in the UK.

All they can do is to try and contact you, make harassing phone calls or notices, but they have no authority in the UK. Again, if the debt is sold onto a UK collection company, then that is a different matter.

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I hope this helps.



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  1. hello Jon.I have a friend ,an indian in Dubai who has taken a loan from a friend and has not been able to repay him back.now he has been threatned of legal action.what would happen if he is arrested ? Would he be deported ?


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