Legal Help Group Advisors – Consumer Complaint – September 9, 2014

Consumer Statement:

My folly also started with a postcard received in the mail stating that I could have my mortgage payments reduced by refinancing through the HARP program. The representatives from Legal Help Group Advisers (LHG Advisers) were very helpful explaining the plan and that I would save nearly $600 a month. They sent me a contract to sign and had me FedEx documents and the full payment to them. Unlike others victims of this scam, they actually did keep up the act for several months, exchanging emails and phone calls several months after they received payment. Their last correspondence with me was in June.

My advice to others:
First – do not, under any circumstances, stop making payments on your mortgage. I was (and still am) current on my mortgage but others haven’t been as fortunate.

Second – read the contract (I wish I had read it thoroughly). It states that they do not promise to do anything other than contact your mortgage holder on your behalf and cannot guarantee anything. In fact, the “contract” states that you can do this yourself without any third-party involvement.

Third – read the contract again.

Below are some of the folks that I came in contact with. If these names sound familiar and you haven’t signed anything or sent them any money then stop all communication with them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they change their company name, but here are a few names of the individuals I was in contact with:
Allen Fuentes
Jonathan Pacheco
Alejandro Maldonado
Judy Plovie

In addition to the Charlotte address I list in this complaint they also have the following addresses:
150 Paularino Ave. C127, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
4600 E. Washington, Phoenix , AZ 85034
FedEx Center Costa Mesa, California

Consumer Action Taken:

Continued to try to contact the firm. No response from them since June. Contacted a lawyer. Revoked Authorization for them to speak to my mortgage holder on my behalf.

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Date This Problem Happened: March 13, 2014

State You Live in: North Carolina

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,595

Company Name: Legal Help Group Advisors

Company Address:

301 McCullough Dr 4th Floor
Charlotte, NC 28262

Company Telephone Number: 877-763-8258

Website of Company:

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