Will I be Able to Leave the UK Again Because of My Bad Debt?

“Dear Jon,

When I was a student in the UK I had a credit card with a 1000 pounds overdraft, a student account card for 1500 and I made a loan of 4000 pounds. I paid some of the money when I left the UK but I stopped paying. I think all together was about 5000-6000 pounds … all of this was at Lloyd bank … a debt collector company call me I pay some money but when I stop answering they stop calling.

It has been 4 years they stop even more. The debt I made it 6-7 years ago and stop paying 4-5 years ago

If i return to the UK are they going to arrest me at the airport? Are they going to allow me to get in the country? Are they going to make me pay when I leave the country? I haven’t been in the uk since that time.



I realise that leaving debts behind in another country can be a bit scary, especially if you ever want or plan to return to that country.

First, you can relax, as coming back to the UK is not a problem. You will not be stopped, detained or arrested just for owing some debts. And no they will not make you pay to leave the UK either. Being in debt is not against the law in the UK.

Chances are that depending on what country you are now residing in, once you stopped speaking to the debt collector, they knew they had no authority or power to collect the debt.

The only issue you may have is if the debts are sold onto a debt collection agency in the country you now live in. I would venture if it has not happened by now, odds are it will not.

I hope this helps.



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