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Consumer Statement:

This morning my ex-husband called to tell me he had received a call from a “process server” asking for my current address so he could “serve me court papers regarding a debt”. My ex-husband (who I get along very well with and is a PI) refused to give the information. He was then asked for SSN. Again, this was refused. Not more than 1/2 hour later my daughter (who has been out of the house for 8 years in the Air Force) received a voicemail on her cell phone (that thankfully also transcribes all of her voicemails which she sent to me) a message that they are trying to reach me with “very important documents with my SSN on them”. Each time the numbers were blocked, there was a case number left, a mans name and a phone number to call.

I then, very shortly after, received a voicemail with the same information, but different person’s name. (today is Monday, on Friday I had received 4 missed calls from a blocked num ber ~ I’m assuming it was them…) So, I first researched my credit report (who else would call but a credit agency and like THIS…?) and saw nothing but 2 very old cases (one a paid tax lien and the other an old foreclosure which takes 10 years to come off).

I also found this website and checked with my local courts; no papers filed against me. I then researched my states laws in regards to recording phone calls (and called my brother who is an attorney). Then, I called them and immediately told them I was going to be recording our call. Coincidentally, when their end answers it ALSO says they are recording me… I was transferred 3 times after each time telling the person I would be recording our call and I wanted to know what this was about. I did give them my “case number”.

The final woman I ended up with “Isabelle Green” was extremely angry that I would “threaten her” (which she repeated over and over and over) with recording the call and SHE would seek legal advice against ME (I did indeed make sure I was following our state law in this regards and wanted it recorded as I read about so many of these places tactics on this website). I let her know (in between her constant repeats of how I was threatening her) that I wanted to know what this was about, to stop contacting my family as they obviously already had my number and that I would be filing a formal complaint against them. I did tell her I was already recording and would continue to do so. She then hung up on me. The names: Alicia Strand, Richard Taylor and Isabelle Green were used in the different voicemails.

Consumer Action Taken:

I called and tried to ask what it was about. The lady became very angry that I said I was recording the conversation for my own protection and hung up on me despite me asking over and over what my “case” was about.

Date This Problem Happened: October 13, 2014

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Coastline Associates / CF Group and Associates

Company Address:

751 S. Weir Canyon RD# 157406
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808

Company Telephone Number: 888-512-6312

Website of Company: cfgroupandassociates.com

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2 thoughts on “Coastline Associates / CF Group and Associates – Consumer Complaint –”

  1. This exact same thing just happened to me, the lady just said she was with the county and I cut her off, she eventually gave me a number to contact and case number. I did and let them know I would be recording the call, I was immediately hung up on. Called back and another lady yelled at me for a minute and then hung up on me. They are going by CF associates and the number is
    877- 862- 5270
    Do not fall for this!!!!!!

  2. Received a call this morning from Coastline and Associates stating that they wanted to serve my daughter, we live in WA State, papers and she put me down as the signer for the processor. I told them I would not sign anything, I didn’t know what this was about and no I would not sign papers. I was further told that there would only be two attempts and given a phone number and case number to give my daughter to call them and have the papers redirected. I took down the information and said I would contact her. About an hour later my other daughter who lives in CA called and said she got an odd call this morning from a processor who said they were going to serve papers on my daughter in WA to my daughter in CA’s place of business, she is self employed so have fun with that, and she needed to have ID ready. I told my significant other about this whole business and he said ‘gee that sounds odd, why would they call CA if they just called you?” Oh snap, scam!!!!! I didn’t see the scam until he told me because it was done differently but after doing research I found out it is a scan and wow, this stuff is scary because they are really trying hard to get people’s money.


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