Complete Financial Solutions Mailer Goes to the Dogs

An amazing reader sent in one of the more unusual debt relief mailers I’ve ever seen through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

Gary Jones from JW Financial Insights has apparently sent out a very odd mailer to people to promote something.

The envelope appears to be very generic with a note attached.


Inside the envelope the reader received what appeared to be a sheet of newspaper. The back of the page contains all sorts of facts about dogs in an article titled “Man & Woman’s Best Friend.”


The front side of the included newspaper page is a special article by Bruce Schwartz about a free report written by Gary Jones at The domain is publicly registered to Gary Jones at JW Financial Insights in Watertown Connecticut. Kudos to Gary for putting his name behind his domain.


It promotes something called the Complete Financial Solution (CFS). This solution is said to help people eliminate 100% of their debt.

That is all fine and dandy but what makes the piece a bit odd are some statements in it.

For example, “The problem with traditional debt relief program is that they can ruin your credit rating by reporting your attempts to get out of debt to the credit agencies.” That is an awfully broad and misleading statement in my eyes. Not only is “ruin” ambiguous but there is nothing reported about you to credit bureaus when you engage in paying your debt off without missing payments or reducing amounts owed.

But not to fear, Gary’s new CFS will allow you to be 100% debt-free and help your bank account “grow by $50,000…$100,000…even $200,000 or more within a few short years.”

The claims of paying your debt and mortgage off early are not clearly defined in the mailer. The pitch sounds like nothing more than the old Debt Snowball approach that anyone can do for free on their own. In fact there are a number of websites that offer these free calculators online;,, or Crown Financial Ministries.

While the article attempts to list sources of information my favorite has to be number 2, “Robert Weinberg e-mail 11/27/13.” Who the hell is Robert Weinberg?

This offer was able to be reviewed because a kind reader sent it in via my I Buy Junk Mail program.

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