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National Student Servicing – Consumer Complaint – December 27, 2014

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

This company sold me the pipe dream that they could consolidate my student loans & put me in a low income payments program where most of my loan would be forgiven.THAT WAS A LIE!!! Basically all they did was filed paperwork that takes very little time so that my loans could be placed in forbearance and then in a payment plan based on my income. My loans ARE NOT CONSOLIDATED, THEY WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN. Once I realized I was scammed I chose not to continue to allow them to victimize me every month with payments to for doing nothing and what happens? THEY TAKE MORE OF MY MONEY after I requested to stop the program.After I had already paid $199.99, twice and then another $19.50. THEY TOOK ANOTHER $199.99 which was never part of my agreement with them. WANT ALL MY MONEY BACK!!!

Consumer Action Taken:

I have tried calling, emailing & leaving messages on social media.

Date This Problem Happened: December 27, 2014

State You Live in: Tennessee

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $619.47

Company Name: National Student Servicing

Company Address:

4 Hutton Center
Suite 220
Santa Ana, Ca 92707

Company Telephone Number: 866-740-6035

Website of Company:

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  • Did you ever think the 199.00 was your CONSOLIDATED LOANS and the payment to repay???? And going with this company they help you NOT to be in FOREBEARANCE. Which is what your MAIN LOAN COMPANY does. Your 199.00 is your LOW INCOME PAYMENT. Don’t know wtf this woman is saying but I signed up my son for this program. I paid a 499.00 fee. So far I am happy with what’s going on as my son will be paying 119.00 a month for 20 years. This is based on the unsubsidized loans which accru interest. Subsidized loans don’t. The Government pays for that. I gather this woman didn’t pay attention. You start off with a fee is 499 as with any Student Consolidated program under the Obama Student relief Program. Many options to repay. A base amount or an income based amount which is based on your income. Gotta think this woman as I said didn’t pay attention or was smokin some good weed at the time it was explained to her or maybe she was flat out drunk

    • Thx Lady 4 calling me names, I don’t do drugs & I wasn’t drunk. But I might have let my desperation lead me 2 make a costly mistake.I didn’t do my research or had the contract reviewed beforehand.My disputed with this company is still under ongoing investigation so I will only say I’m glad u r happy& check their bbb score, good luck.

      • Girl it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the paperwork sent to you when you signed up for this. Yews I’m happy I did this for my son. Are you sure you signed up with this place? Your costly mistake would be to pay the lender you took out the college loan with. They don’t help you. They give you a 6.1% interest on your consolidated loans. Where I got 3.0. Big difference. Researching things like this is the nest thing to do before you go and make a commitment. Sry for the name calling but come on you went to college and still misinformed on stuff…

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