National Student Servicing / Student Loan Care – Consumer Complaint – February 15, 2022

Consumer Statement: Re: National Student Servicing Contract # FAFSA Case# I am writing to seek assistance in getting reimbursement and prevent this company from damaging my credit. This company is running a student loan forgiveness scam, the company in question has several business names, the two names that the company is associated with is National …

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National Student Servicing – Consumer Complaint – December 27, 2014

Consumer Statement: This company sold me the pipe dream that they could consolidate my student loans & put me in a low income payments program where most of my loan would be forgiven.THAT WAS A LIE!!! Basically all they did was filed paperwork that takes very little time so that my loans could be placed …

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National Student Servicing – Consumer Complaint – December 9, 2014

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: I was told I would have my payments reduced by paying the $600 over 3 months to have my student loans paid in 10 years. That is false and my loans won[‘t be paid for 20 years. Total rip off. Consumer Action Taken: I have contacted them 10 to 15 times over 4 …

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National Student Servicing – Consumer Complaint – July 29, 2014

Consumer Statement: About 2 weeks ago, I opened my email and found information regarding how I could reduce my student loan debt. I called the toll free number and was put in touch with National Student Servicing in Irvine California. I talked to a person by the name of Cory Perry. He stated to me …

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