The Elkhart Project – Putting Faces on Debt

I saw a tweet from @newmediajim about an interesting project between MSNBC and The Elkhart Truth. These two news organizations are going to provide long-term coverage on the city of Elkhart, Ind. to provide perspective on the national recession.

It is a great idea and another interesting media sharing project to help media outlets share costs and overhead while delivering long-term and important news.

The Elkhart Project is going to be a journalistic adventure worth following. While it is early days for the project right now, the first video produced for the site certainly does a good job of putting a face on the problems of debt. Debt problems are not the result of feckless spending, sometimes they are, but most of the time it is just bad stuff that happens to good people, like Ann Cari.

You can follow The Elkhart Project on Twitter, @msnbc_elkhart.

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