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I’ve Been Out of Work For a Year and I’m Running Out of Cash. – Linda


“Dear Steve,

I have been out of work for almost a year. All of my credit cards have been used to live on, and all my cash used to pay them. I am now coming to the end of the cash, and still no job offers. I never dreamed it would come to this, because i was always able to get a job.

ALL of my bills are current, as of now. But if i continue to pay the cards and use what little cash i have left to pay them, I can still use them. Doom is right around the corner.Bankrupsy also costs money.

What would you suggest i do?,is there any help out there for a situation like this? Thank you, unemployed in nj.


Dear Linda,

The growing darkness you see is the big shoe poising to fall on you. Your situation is dire and needs attention fast.

This is not a new situation, it has been brewing ever since you lost your job and especially since you first started to use the credit cards to make ends meet. Ever since that point you have been on a downhill slide.

The best time to take action and intervene in a situation is as early as possible. The longer you wait to take action, often the more severe and jolting the solutions are.

You are going to have to face the reality that your cards are going to be closed on you very soon and come up with a plan on how you are going to get by without access to them.

I think we should just assume that you will wind up in collections on those cards since you won’t have enough cash to pay them any more. Collections won’t be a surprise and the secret to dealing with collection calls and inquiries is just to be as pleasant as you possibly can, don’t get sucked into the negative energy, and never promise a payment you can’t make or can’t afford.

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While the primary attention is on the debt right now, it is not where we need to be focused. No, we need to be looking at finding a job, any job. I think you should read “You May be Down and Unemployed But You Are Still a Hero to Me” and “Don’t be a Victim of This and a Victim of That. Get Over It.”

Now, before you label me as callous or lacking compassion, let me just tell you the most honest and loving thing that you need to hear. You need to get up, right now, today and start applying all your efforts to getting a job, any job. You need to start making money. If you don’t and you sit idle, you will be hungry and homeless.

I don’t want to hear that there are no jobs out there for you. I want you to work at any job, food service, retail, call center, or any of a number of jobs you never would have considered before.

Linda, you need to make a job of getting a job. Cash is going to be king the minute those credit cards are closed. You’ve been using borrowed money to make ends meet, with the cards closed you’ll need income to get those same ends to get close to meeting.

Your debt can be addressed once you start making money and the most likely solution is probably going to be bankruptcy. But honestly, we’ll deal with the debt latter.

I desperately want to hear that you landed a job, any job. Be it at a temp company, or something else. Please break all the rules, use all your time and all your efforts to locate any source of income.

Just keep this in mind, life entitles us to nothing. We aren’t guaranteed the perfect job, a job in our field, fairness, equality, compassion, nothing. You are not even guaranteed your next breath. Life is going to be what you create and build from the moment you read this forward. And this is the time that I need you to rise Linda. I need you to put all the reasons away about why this or that job is not right or not good for you. I need you to find work, even if it means asking if someone wants fries with that soda.

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The other advantage of work, beside trying to keep yourself feed and sheltered, is that activity breads opportunity. The more you move and work, the more attractive chances you will have.

Keep me posted on your actions and activities as you move forward from this day. I care and I want to know. Send me updates on Twitter @GetOutOfDebtGuy. This message might have been a bit of tough love, but it is simply because I care about you and need for you to alter your path, right now.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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