I Had a Very Good Job a Year Ago and Now I’m Hiding From the Debt Collectors. – Jaime


“Dear Steve,

I had a very good job a year ago, but when the company closed I lost my job. I had bills that I could no longer afford. My total debt was $31,000 and the last payment I made was more than a year ago.

I have moved away from my former location and have moved twice since then. I also have recently changed my full name. I am a dual citizen of another country and so I am able to open a bank account using my foreign credentials, but unfortunately not with my American credentials.

I got a prepaid att phone and very often now and then get a call from a 800 number which I suspect is a collector. When I go online to search for the numbers that call me, I read comments from people that they are collectors.

I haven’t had any collector visit my current place and haven’t experienced any heavy collection calls, but I fear that day will come soon. I wonder everyday if they will ever give up on me and just write off my debt. I wonder if they will ever seize my bank accounts under my foreign credentials if they find out they are mine. What best advice would you give me? If I move to Canada or France, will they still come after me?

I am $31,000 in dept from a combination of credit cards and personal loans. My last payment was a year ago. I have moved away and recently changed my name. Will the creditors ever give up looking for me?


Dear Jaime,

Why continue to live in fear?

Rather than continuing to run and always looking back over your shoulder, maybe the time has come to actually address this situation.

Debts can follow you to foreign lands. More international debt collection is done today and it only gets easier to find people so it is a trend that will continue.

The deal with cell phones and debt collectors is that you should never call an unknown 800 or local number from your cell phone. If it is a debt collector they will get your number from the 800 call forward or from a local number they had forwarded to an 800 number to get your telephone number.

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It would be much wiser to go bankrupt now, and less expensive, than running to a foreign to hide. Put this matter to rest, go and talk to a local bankruptcy attorney now.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Steve Rhode

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