I Am a City of Houston, Texas Employee and Need to Repair My Credit so I can Build a House. – Jocelyn


“Dear Steve,

I am a 15 year City of Houston, Texas employee. My gross income is about $27,000 a year. We get no raises or cost-of-living adjustments. However, despite my low income I have managed to purchase a piece of property. Years ago I became ill with a form of cancer and ended up filling for bankruptcy.

My credit is shot. I am 49 years old. I want to fix my credit so I can build a house. I do not know where to begin to repair my credit. I collected all three of my credit reports but find them difficult to understand. I need help. I want my own home so bad I can taste it.

Do I need a credit restoration service? Are there any legitimate ones? If not, where do I go for help?


Dear Jocelyn,

The consolidated credit report I use is the one I find easiest to read. Use the link to get your credit report as well.

This credit report combines the information from all three major credit bureaus and allows you to compare the information by creditor on one combined credit report, rather than looking at separate reports, which can be confusing.

I would urge you to get the credit score option as well. It will tell you exactly what is bringing down your credit score and what actions to take to bring your credit score back up.

The consolidated credit report will also make it easy to spot any wrong or incorrect information about you. That information should be removed and you can request that it be removed by following the dispute procedure that is included with the consolidated credit report.

I suspect that one reason your credit is still in the dumps is because you don’t have much of a current credit history of good and on-time payments. The primary way you overcome bad credit is to close the door on old debts by paying them off or with bankruptcy and then start using credit again to report good information. If you don’t, then your credit history is a report card of only bad news.

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There is no need for you to use a credit repair or credit restoration service for this. I think you can handle it all by yourself. Once you follow the steps above and have reviewed your credit report and started to address any remaining open past due accounts that were included in your bankruptcy but still show as open, I think you should find a local mortgage broker to work with.

Go to the mortgage broker and explain your situation and your goal of wanting to buy a house. The broker will help you to understand what will be necessary for you to be able to qualify for a home loan. At that point you’ll be able to see and identify the target and execute your plan to achieve it. At the same time, make sure you are saving up cash for a down payment. Banks like that.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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