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How Do I Go About Getting My Credit Score Back Up? – CH


“Dear Steve,

I have a bad credit score from some late pays on my home from a couple of years ago and one report said that one was a missed payment? Also there is a no pay on one other collection. Since than I have a good paying job and I can’t get a loan.

I need to know how to get my credit score back up. I don’t have any credit cards and all I have is a house payment. Does getting credit cards help? If not what do I need to do. Thank you.


Dear CH,

Rebuilding your credit is a fairly simply process. All you need to do is plant some action and water it with a little time.

Want Better Credit? Do This!

  1. Get a copy of your consolidated credit report. This credit report is the one I use myself. A consolidated one is easier to read and allows you to quickly compare what each of the credit bureaus are saying about you. They all have different information about you.
  2. Be sure to order your credit score with your report. It will show you what each of the three bureaus is reporting about you. None of the scores will match. When I pulled my credit report the other day my credit scores were 20 apart. When you order the score, the consolidated credit report will tell you exactly why your score is what it is and what you can do to improve it. So simple.
  3. If you find items on your credit report that are not reported accurately then you can dispute those items online with two of the credit bureaus. The third you’ll have to write in and point out the incorrect information.
  4. The credit bureaus will seek to check the information with the original creditor or just remove the disputed item.
  5. If you have any open and outstanding collection accounts showing, pay them off.
  6. Now that you’ve cleaned up the foundation, let’s start to build some good credit. To do this you’ll have to get some new credit, a credit card or two. Use the card responsibly and let them report your on-time payments to the credit bureaus. After six months you’ll notice that your score will start to climb nicely.

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I am trying to get my husband off of myortgage. But the problem is that my credit is really bad because when he moved out 8 months ago he ran up a debt of 63,000 dollars furnishing his new place using credit cards with my name on them. He won’t sign the divorce papers until his name is off of the mortgage. How can I get my score up where I will be able to get a loan and then have his name removed.

  • Hi Steve,

    I have a question I wanted to ask you. I did a deed in lieu forclosure back in 2008.I had two mortgage loan. My first mortgage loan sent me a 1099A form or Abandoment secured property. BUT when I called my second mortgage they say they don’t have a 1099 form to me to do my taxes. When I went to check my credit report it showing that I have due payment on the second mortgage. How can I clear the debt after the forclosure? Whats the first step to take in this type of situation? How do I go to build my credit from scratch?

    Thank you

    • Randy,


      It could be they sold the debt to someone else and don’t own it anymore but at the very least if the credit report is not accurate then you could file a dispute with all the credit bureaus that are reporting it. Take a look at your consolidated report to find out who is.

      As far as rebuilding your credit, why don’t you follow the steps I outlined in the post you commented on. That should do the trick.


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