I Want You to Meet Who You Helped Today – Gemima

It is important for you to meet who we helped today through this site. As I mention, all over the place, revenue from people clicking on ads and using the service of advertisers is used to help sponsor people in poverty through Kiva. Please visit or use the services of advertisers on the GetOutOfDebt.org site so we can help more people.

I Want You to Meet Who You Helped Today – Gemima

33-year old Gemima lives in Peru with her husband and their two children who attend primary school. For the last year she has been working as a street vendor selling fish in various places in the area. She does this work from six to eleven in the morning, and in the afternoons she sells jello and lollipops in a park close to her house. Gemima enjoys her work as it keeps her active; she puts in a lot of effort because of her wish to make a better life for her children.

Her business is profitable as she has regular customers who buy fish from her, and also the desserts and lollipops sell very quickly because of the region’s hot climate.

In the future, Gemima wants to have a stall built so that she can sell her products more peacefully, and not have to walk the streets in the terrible sun.

She has already had three loans with Kiva partner, MFP, and is very happy with the community bank because all her fellow members work hard and are reliable. Her husband’s job is to provide the fish for the stalls at one of the markets in the town; he sells the fish at wholesale prices. With the loan Gemima plans to both increase her husband’s products and also the amount that she herself sells.

The reason I give money to Kiva to help people all over the world in disadvantaged places is so we can give someone an opportunity to start a small business so they can care for their family and become self-sufficient.

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